November 11 & 12, 2022 @  7:00 p.m.

November 13, 2022 @ 1:30 p.m.

Based on the Academy Award-winning 1954 film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is Americana at its finest. With an age-old tale of wooing and winning, the battle of the sexes and some barn-raising dancing, this western rollick features whistle-worthy favorites, including “Bless Your Beautiful Hide” and “Goin’ Courtin’.” With two of the most famous dance scenes in musical theatre history and seven times the fun, saddle up for an unforgettable joyride through the Oregon frontier. 


Adam - Bryce Henderson
Gideon - Tanner Huffman
Benjamin - Colin Haggan
Caleb - Ben Caldwell
Daniel - Ryker Zilafro
Frank - Daniel Schlabauch
Ephraim - Jackson Sutton

Milly - Madison Mahoney
Alice - Alayssia Franklin
Dorcas - Isabelle Simons 
Ruth - Kaitlyn Brunswick
Sarah - Neleh Thompson
 Liza - Izzy Barnes
Martha - Raegan Brown

 Town Suitors
Zeke - Israel McCartney
Nathan - Parys Loomis
Jeb - Dawson Perrel 
Luke - Eddie Lyst
Matt - Sean Haggan
Joel - Max Schaefer

Mrs. Hoallum - Raya Conway
Mr. Hoallum - Connor Sallee
Mrs. Sanders - Gracie Wolf
Mr. Sanders - Parker Brown
Preacher - Conner Barrett
Featured Dancer - Ashlynne Owens

Town People
Adrian Bastin, Claire Carpenter, Alexis Cottrell, Kaitlyn Cowan, Mia Cruse, Kate Cunningham, 
Serene Darr, Graycen DeVault, Cameron Ellet, Lorena Fehr, Ashley Gilmet, Chloe Goins, Irey Gray, 
Micah Lewis, Alana Manges, Sadee Maves. Kestin McClain, Alexa Moschell, 
Macey Parker, Layla Penley, Serena Richardson, Cathryn Roberts, Alayna Samaniego, 
Sal Shellenberger, Rayli Stearman, Lilly Thomas, Mallory Webster


Stage Manager – Maddie Roots
Fly Rail Manager – Parker Brown
Sound Board – Emily Hall
Sound Computer - Isabelle Martin
Lights - Aiden Powers
Projection Operator - Samantha Eytchison
Cat Spot - Memphis McConnell
Props – Virgil Duffer, Josie Lowe, Kennedy Williams
Fly/Grip & Cat Spot – Noah Butcher, Shane Spurrier
Costumes & Makeup – Ava Schnepp, Kennedy Williams, Mariana Evans
Dance Captain - Ashlynne Owens


Artistic/Technical Director - Jacque Brown
Musical Director/Graphics - Jim McGee
Sound Consultant - Joni Cowan
Projection/Q-Lab Coordinator - Nathaniel Brown
Choreography - Nicole Crabtree
Box Office - Lettie Gray