November 12, 13, & 14, 2021

Theatrical licensor Music Theatre International has announced a weekend-long event celebrating the return of live theatre that will include worldwide performances of a new musical revue. The event, titled All Together Now!: A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre, will be scheduled for November, 12, 13, & 14, 2021.

MTI hopes the event will serve to both celebrate the return of live theatre and function as a fundraiser for theaters worldwide still impacted by the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns and the shuttering of most live performance.  "One of our goals in creating this revue is to not only showcase some of the most beloved songs in the musical theatre catalogue, but to also allow local theaters to make this show their own," said the members of the creative team.

Cast Listing 

“Be Our Guest” ~ (Beauty and the Beast)

Lumieré – Israel McCartney
Mrs. Potts – Emma Hardin
Cogsworth –  Riley Simons
Babbette – Diana Talbot
Belle – Neveah Osborn
Chip - Collin Harville

Be Our Guest Ensemble

Cupcakes – Kaitlyn Brunswick, Kylie Day, Elise Fisher, Ashlynne Owens, 
Isabelle Simons, Camille Spencer

Plates- Kaitlyn Cowan, Alexis Cottrell, Alyassia Franklin, Micah Lewis, 
Neleh Thompson, Aaryon Marshall,

Chefs  -  Cole Haller, Tanner Huffman, Cayden Sisson
Raya Conway, Madison Mahoney, Serena Richardson

Spoons - Caleigh Ellett,  Abby Nelson, Macey Parker, Gracie Shields

Forks – Sylvia Bobb, Alana Manges, Manna Standish, Laney Talbot, Rhys Weiandt

Knife – Bryce Henderson, Parys Loomis, Dawson Perrel

Napkins – Kate Cunningham, Abby Douglas, Kayleigh Edmundson, Chloe Goins, Irey Gray

Salt - Hannah Schildhaus &  Pepper – Sally Schellenberger  
Cheese Grater- Joel Lyons
 Rug - Carter Dennen

Matchmaker Matchmaker” ~ (Fiddler on the Roof)

Hodel – Paige Cesnik
Tzeitel – Gracie Wolf
Chava – Bailee Hilpisch  

Gimme Gimme” (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Millie – Elise Fisher

We’re All This Together” (High School Musical)

Chad - Cole Haller
 Taylor - Elise Fisher
Kelsi - Sylvia Bobb 

High School Musical Ensemble
Kaitlyn Brunswick, Paige Cesnik, Raya Conway, Kate Cunningham, Kylie Day, 
Caleigh Ellett,  Alayssia Franklin, Chloe Goins, Irey Gray, Emma Hardin, Bryce Henderson, 
Bailee Hilpisch, Tanner Huffman, Parys Loomis, Madison Mahoney, Alana Manges, Israel McCartney, Neveah Osborn, Ashlynne Owens, Dawson Perrel, Sal Schellenberger, Hannah Schildhaus, 
Isabelle Simons, Riley Simons, Cayden Sisson, Diana Talbot, Neleh Thompson, Gracie Wolf

Tomorrow” ~ (Annie)
Annie – Camille Spencer

“She Used to Be Mine” (Waitress)
Jenna - Aaryon Marshall ~ Madison Mahoney

“Seize the Day” (Newsies)
Jack – Tanner Huffman/Cayden Sisson
Davey – Cole Haller

Newsies Ensemble (20)
Sylvia Bobb, Kaitlyn Brunswick, Paige Cesnik, Kylie Day, Abby Douglas, Caleigh Ellett, 
 Elise Fisher, Chloe Goins, Irey Gray, Bailee Hilpisch, Ashlynne Owens, Lily Schaefer, Cayden Sisson, Camille Spencer, Manna Standish, Emmie Sumski, Neleh Thompson, Gracie Wolf  

Children Will Listen” (Into the Woods)
Witch – Isabelle Simons
Father - Riley Simons

“Stop the World” (Come from Away)
Nick – Bryce Henderson
Diane – Kylie Day

“Let it Go” (Frozen)
Elsa – Kaitlyn Brunswick

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (Mary Poppins)
Mary Poppins – Lily Schaefer
Bert – Dawson Perrel
Mrs. Cory – Alana Manges
Michael – Carter Dennen
Jane – Chloeann Sprouse

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Ensemble (25)
 Alexis Cottrell, Abby Douglas, Alayssia Franklin, Cole Haller,
Bryce Henderson, Bailee Hilpisch, Tanner Huffman, Berkley Lewis, Israel McCartney, 
Neveah Osborn, Ashlynne Owens, Macey Parker, Dawson Perrel, Alayna Samaniego, 
Sally Schellenberger, Hannah Schildhaus, Isabelle Simons, Riley Simons, Cayden Sisson, 
Camille Spencer, Emmie Sumski, Diana Talbot, Neleh Thompson, Rhys Weiandt, Gracie Wolf  

“Seasons of Love” (Rent) (12)
Sylvia Bobb, Raya Conway, Cole Haller, Bryce Henderson, Tanner Huffman, Aaryon Marshall, 
Israel McCartney, Sal Schellenberg, Riley Simons, Diana Talbot

You Can’t Stop the Beat” (Hairspray)

Tracy -  Lily Schaefer
Penny - Gracie Wolf
Link - Cayden Sisson
Seaweed - Parys Loomis
Edna - Tanner Huffman/Kylie Day
Wilbur - Bryce Henderson
Motormouth - Arayon Marshall 

Motormouth Girls
 Caleigh Ellett, Alayssia Franklin, Neveah Osborn, Macey Parker, 
Serena Richardson, Manna Standish, Rhys Weiandt

Ensemble (All High School Cast)
Sylvia Bobb, Kaitlyn Brunswick, Paige Cesnik, Raya Conway, Alexis Cottrell, Kaitlyn Cowan, 
Kate Cunningham, Kylie Day,  Abby Douglas, Kayleigh Edmundson, Elise Fisher, Chloe Goins,
 Irey Gray, Cole Haller, Emma Hardin, Bryce Henderson, Bailee Hilpisch, Micha Lewis, 
Joel Lyons, Madison Mahoney,  Alana Manges, Israel McCartney, Abby Nelson, Ashlynne Owens, 
Dawson Perrel, Sal Schellenberger, Hannah Schildhaus, Gracie Shields, Isabelle Simons, Riley Simons, 
Camille Spencer, Diana Talbot, Laney Talbot, Neleh Thompson

STAFF & Crew
Artistic/Technical Director – Jacque Brown
Musical Director – Jim McGee
Choreography – Nicole Crabtree, Jodi Brown
Sound Assistance – Joni Cowan
Projection Assistance – Nathaniel Brown
Stage Manager – Mamie Long
Asst. Stage Manager – Ryland Mills
Fly Rail Manager – Gabe Holland
Light Board – Parker Brown
Projections – Ben Caldwell
Spotlight – Isabelle Martin
Sound Board – Casey Davidson
Sound Computer – Emily Hall
 Backstage Assistanc /Fly &Grip– Jackson Sutton, Gabe Holland, Ryland Mills, Reis Schnepp
Props – Ella Barrett, Conner Barrett, Emilee Powless, Aynsley Kuckewich
Costumes – Isabelle Simons, Lily Schaefer, Emma Scott, Virgil Duffer
Makeup/Hair – Emma Scott, Virgil Duffer
Camera Team – Ashton Richardson,  Samantha Eytchison