April 14 & 15, 2023
7:00 p.m.

April 16, 2023
1:30 p.m.


Corey Palmer (Adult) – Skyler Leffingwell (Alumni Guest Artist)

Corey Palmer (High School Student) – Tanner Huffman

Tiffany Houston (Cheerleader) – Kaitlyn Brunswick

Michael Feldman – Daniel Schlabach

Eileen Reagan – Neleh Thompson

Ms. Sheena Brannigan – Madison Mahoney

Mr. Steve Cocker – Parys Loomis

Feargal McFerrin – Jackson Sutton

Alf Bueller – Dawson Perrel

Kirk Keaton – Cam DeVore

Cyndi Gibson (Cheerleader) – Raya Conway

Billy Arnold – Nathan Ferryman

Huey Jackson – Israel McCartney

Lionel Astley – Max Schaefer

Debbie Fox – Alayssia Franklin

Laura Wilde – Alexa Moschell

Denise Whitney (Cheerleader) – Ashlynne Owens

Mel Easton (Cheerleader)– Izzy Barnes

Kim Easton (Cheerleader) – Raegan Brown

Olivia Nicks (Cheerleader)– Claire Carpenter

Tina (Cheerleader) – Graycen DeVault

Roseanne – Alana Manges

Annie (Cheerleader) – Alayna Samaniego

Opening Band Featured Male Vocalist – Alex Long 

 Featured Female Vocalists – Chloe Goins, Ashley Gilmet, Sadee Maves

Obi Wan - Parker Brown

Yoda - Beckham Brown

William Ocean High School Students

Adrian Bastin, Alexis Cottrell, Kaitlyn Cowan, Mia Cruse, Kate Cunningham, Chloe Goins, Ashley Gilmet, Dex Hitchens, Moriah Kupferer, Keylyn Leicht, Alex Long, Sadee Maves, Evan McKinney, Zoe Morris, 
Macey Parker, Serena Richardson, Cathryn Roberts, Manna Standish, Rayli Stearman, Gavin Sumski, Lily Thomas, Emma Walls, Mallory Webster

Stage Manager – Maddie Roots  
Fly Rail Manager – Parker Brown  
Sound Board – Emily Hall 
Sound Computer – Gabrielle Tyler 
Lights – Connor Sallee 
Projection – Ben Caldwell 
Cat Spot/SPFX– Memphis McConnell 
Spotlight – Virgil Duffer
Grip – Noah Butcher, Shane Spurrier 
Props- Aynsley Kuckewich, Lauren Davis 
Costumes, Hair & Makeup – Marianna Evans, Mallory Welsh, Andrea Berger 
Lobby – Kaitlyn Landis
Camera Team– Jess Thompson, Trysten Freehill

Artistic/Technical Director - Jacque Brown
Musical Director - Jim McGee
Sound Consultant - Joni Cowan
Projection Consultant - Nathaniel Brown
Choreographer - Nicole Crabtree

From the era that brought the world the Rubik's Cube, Max Headroom and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes the "totally awesome" musical Back to the 80's. In the style of movies such as Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Karate Kid, Back to the 80's is a nostalgic romp through the greatest hits of the decade.

Back to the 80's tells the story of the senior class of William Ocean High School, as remembered through the eyes of now thirty-something Corey Palmer. Seventeen-year-old Corey is madly in love with his next-door neighbor, Tiffany Houston, one of the coolest girls in the school, but she is too busy mooning over Michael Feldman, the hottest guy around. Michael and his friends are athletic and good looking — the kind of guys that Corey and his two best friends dream of being. However, while they may not be the coolest guys in school, they are still one up on Feargal McFerrin, III, whose best friend is his computer and who believes the crazy notion that one day, CDs will replace cassette tapes.

Throw in a Star Wars dream sequence, high-energy dance routines, the obligatory 80s party scene, copious amounts of blue eyeshadow, twenty cans of hairspray, as well as some of the most popular songs ever written, and the result is a musical that will not only delight and amuse audiences of any age, but will also inspire any cast.