ALL CAST MEETING to get scripts, calendars, and run vocals 
Monday, September 17th 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Auditorium.

Cast Listing

Scrooge - Parker Smith
Mr. Cratchit - Alex Hardin
Mrs. Cratchit – Bayla French
Beadle- Anakin Allison
 Charity Men Singers – Bryce Axel-Adams, Brayden Scott, Cole King, Ethan Young
Rich Women Singers – Chloe Clark, Averi Lanman, Macin Precup, Samara Renner
Mr. Smythe – Isaac Reddington
Ghost of Christmas Past- Addi Rust 
Ghost of Christmas Present – Alex Sabotnik 
Ghost of Christmas Future – Cloey Griffin
Marley - Mason Fridley
Mrs. Mops – Annabel Johnson 
Fred Anderson – Vincent Spear
Sally Anderson – Lillie Burkhardt
Scrooge’s Father – Bryce Hatfield
Scrooge’s Mother – Delaney Gillespie
Mr. Fezziwig – Luke Robinson
Mrs. Fezziwig – Marian Case
Young Ebeneezer (Scrooge at 18) – Nate Spencer 
Young Marley – Joel Gaar
Emily – Skye Fuller
Grannies – Joany Miller, Mariel Claxon
Old Joe – Bryson Johnson
Poulterer- Cannon McClain
Mr. Hawkins – Dawson Garner
Judge - Spencer Patterson
 Undertaker - Dylan Ellyson

Grace /Ensemble/ Angel- Phoenix Renner
Fan (Scrooge's Sister)/ Angel - Ava Reed
Martha Cratchit – Raegan Brown
Tiny Tim – Cayden Huckler
Jonathon/ Ensemble – Dane Apple
Scrooge at 8 - Kody Day
Scrooge at 12 - (Child) -Maxwell Schaefer
Fred & Sally Anderson's Son - Gavin Sumski

 Child Factory Workers/ Angels /Ensemble
Evan McKinney, Archer Hupfer, Van Green, Aiden Powers, Brogan Wrin

Adah Hupfer, Mackenzie Buchanen, Grace Moore, Sadie Wrin, Hailey Powers

Charity Dancers 
Gretchen Brumbaugh, Kylie Day, Taylor Eads, Evelyn Garard, Jaden Precup, Jillian Sabotnik, Kyndal Sagarsee, Camille Spencer, Kaitlyn Wheetley, Jordyn Voyles

Marly’s Ghosts
Anakin Allison, Dawson Garner, Brayden Scott, 
Bryson Johnson, Spencer Patterson, Ethan Young

Men’s Ensemble
Bryce Axel-Adams, Dylan Ellyson, Corbin Franklin, Brayden Gardner, Dawson Garner, Cole King, Cannon McClain, Spencer Patterson, Ashton Richardson, Corydon Roots, Brayden Scott, Ethan Young

Women’s Ensemble
Sylvia Bobb, Emma Caldwell, Brooklee Carr, Paige Ceznik, Lauren Chamera, Chloe Clark, 
Macie Collett, Evelyn Garard, Ashley Gibson, Bria Grobey, Zoe Hatfield,
 Bailee Hilpisch, Ella Jones, Layla Jones, Averi Lanman, Katie Martin, 
Grace McKinnies, Quinn Miles, Macin Precup, Samara Renner, 
Jillian Sabotnik, Lily Schaefer, Camille Spencer, Emma Weflen

Artistic/Technical Director - Jacque Brown
Musical / Orchestra Director - Jim McGee
Stage Manager – Quinnie Huntzinger
Asst. Stage Manager – Ashley Ritchie
Fly Rail Manager – Leah Manges
Lighting – Carter Ray, Delaney Konopa
Spotlight – Jarrett Brooks, Zach Sanford
Sound – Mia Meiers, Addison Magers, Katie Heinz
Sound Support - Joni Cowan
Fly Rail/Grip – Jared Mossoney, Clayton Rust, Brayden Gardner, Garrett Gaskill, 
Cameron Kordes, Wyatt Weaver
Props – Anna Childers, Elayna Sisson, Evan Bobb, Jacob Sumski
Costumes- Katelyn Ferge, Sophie Fonacier, Lizbeth Vasquez, 
Delaney Bankston, Quinn Miles, Carli Wallace
Hair and Makeup – Larissa Partlow, Aleyah Arnett, Elexus Gibson
Video Team – Chayse Immel, Joel Lyons, Ariah Etchison

Friday Usher – Ella Barrett, Jadon Donati, Zoe Korbe, Layton Maudlin,
Maddie Oliver, Lilly Wiley, Gage Campbell

Saturday Usher – Colson Dunham, Christian Jones, Luke Hargrave, Alex Nelson, Zach Nelson, Hunter Thompson, Damieon Warrum, Josh Rynard

 Sunday Usher – Melayna Armstrong, Skylar Hardin,Kara Corbin, Abby Jacobs (Grade 10), Kierstin Messer, 
Madison Painter, Jillian Youtsey, Katherine Wrin

Lobby Team - Marlo Fosco, Kinsey Hosier, Mackenzie Planeaux, Kasey VanNorman

CHILD AUDITION PARENTS - Thanks to all the children who auditioned. They did a great job!! Please check the cast listing carefully as many, if not most of them may double in the Ensemble or other roles. The first meeting for all cast is Monday, September 17th at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. We will pass out the scripts, calendars, music, and go over things in general. Parents of child cast members should plan to attend to hear the "scoop" and get questions answered. High School students will stay and work vocals until 8 p.m., but the children are free to go after the meeting portion.  Thank you again for your help and support!!