Thanks so much to those who came to audition! Remember there were only ​a few spots, but the fall musical has lots of roles both singing and non-singing so come to the Call Out on August 9th to get the scoop.  To cast members, I will send a remind regarding script pickup and schedules.


William Gillette (Holmes) – Alex Hardin

Felix Geisel (Moriarity) – Parker Smith

Aggie Wheeler (Alice) – Skye Fuller

Simon Bright (Zerlinsky)– Alex Sabotnik 

Madge Geisel (Marian) – Macin Precup 

Daria Chase – Bayla French

Martha Gillette – Marian Case

Inspector Harriet Goring – Mariel Claxon

Director- Jacque Brown
Stage Manager - Quinnie Huntzinger
Student Assistant/Fly Rail Manager - Leah Manges
(Crews willl be posted in the next couple of weeks)
The Game's Afoot; or Holmes for the Holidays
 Ken Ludwig