April 13, 14, 15, 2018

Auditions are open to any PHHS high school student currently enrolled for the 2nd semester. You do NOT have to be in a theatre class to audition. There are a number of both singing and non singing roles. Everyone is asked to come with a song prepared to sing. We recommend you use a track of some kind and not sing acapella (without music), but that is up to you. Please do not sing to tracks with vocals. Tracks are available online on iTunes and YouTube to mention a few sites. You can also just sing "Happy Birthday" or a Christmas Carol, but your chances are better with a prepared song. We just need to hear your voice though even for the non-speaking roles. 

You will also be asked to read from one of the provided script sides that are available for download above. These are provided ahead of time to give you time to become familiar with them and prepare.

Please bring a list of any conflicts you might have with rehearsals such as athletic team practices/games, work, lessons, or other commitments which would prevent you from being at a rehearsal. This is very important!

After the initial set of auditions, there will be a first cut. Those remaining will be invited to a Dance Audition.   Following that will be a second cut and some will be invited to a Call Back. If you do not get invited to the call back you still have an possibility to be part of the cast. This is merely a refining of the cast.

REMEMEBER-- You audition to get a part in the play not for a specific part. The artistic and musical director will put you in the part they feel best fits you if you are selected to be part of the cast.


Danny Zucko - Leader of the T-Birds, cool and confident

Kenickie - Second in command; tough, surly                                              
Doody - Youngest of the guys; small, boyish, plays guitar                 

Roger  - One of the boys; a clown who enjoys putting people on             

Sonny  Latierri - Braggart and wheeler dealer; thinks he’s a real lady killer

Eugene Florczyk - Class valedictorian; nerdy but smug

Vince Fontaine - Rock-n-Roll disc jockey; slick. Fast-talking

Johnny Casino  - "Greaser” type leader of high school rock band; thinks he’s a ladies man

Sandy Dumbrowski - Sweet, wholesome, naïve and cute

Betty Rizzo - Leader of the Pink Ladies tough, sarcastic, hiding vulnerable side

Frenchy - Good-natured, but dumb; a dreamer

Marty- The beauty of the group, looks and acts older than she is

Jan  - Compulsive eater; loud and pushy except with boys

Patty Simcox - Cheerleader; attractive, self-assured All-American girl

Cha-Cha Digregorio-  Loud, brash; knows how to use her looks

Miss Lynch - Old maid English teacher

The Pink Ladies
Students at Rydell High
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