September 9 & 10, 2015 


George Hay –  Cameron Gray

Charlotte Hay – Chloe Thomas

Ethel –  Cassidy Knowling

Rosalind –  Brielle Boynton

Howard –  Clay Miller

Eileen –  Abby Davis

Paul –  Rawlin Hodge

Richard Maynard – Jacob Smitherman

Soldier # 1 - Alec Wehner

Soldier #2 - Logan Pruitt

Artistic Director/Technical Director- Jacque Brown

Student Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Heidi Przytulski & Sarah Galliher

Asst. Stage Manager - Alec Wehner

Lighting Crew - Brady Alumbaugh & Emma Yeary

Sound Crew - Wesley Bounds & Jessica McMillan

Props - Lacie Parvis & Maddie Barrett

Costume Crew - Kaylee Granger, Paige Deal, Alaina Glover

Fly/Grip - NIck Flatford & Owen Brown

Moon Over Buffalo relies heavily on situation comedy for its humor, as well as a little slapstick. The actor who plays George, in particular, must be able to deliver a highly physical performance; George engages in a mock fencing match with Charlotte, a wrestling match with Howard, and a stunt fall into the orchestra pit. The action and dialogue are fast-paced, as the characters are constantly bickering or frantically trying to resolve some confusion. It bears numerous similarities to Ludwig's previous farce, Lend Me A Tenor.  

If comedies and farces are your favorite choice of theatre, then Moon Over Buffalo, is sure to please. If you're an actor or a wanna-be actor, then you'll love it even more. It's one of those plays that shows the scenes behind the onstage scenes. In Moon Over Buffalo, there are really three plays intertwined with each other. And, being a farce, you have all the craziness that includes five doors opening and closing, people hiding in closets, near misses in running into people who are hiding, mistaken identities and mass confusion. Timing is everything...and as the show goes on the timing gets better and better.

Moon Over Buffalo opened on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre on October 1, 1995, where it ran for 309 performances, and starred Phillip Bosco and Carol Burnett who were both nominated for Tony Awards for their performances.

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