"Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at  a Certain School of Magic and Magic"

First Live Production Back in the Auditorium

Production Dates
September 8 & 9 
(Wednesday & Thursday to accommodate our Football Boys!)

7:00 p.m.
Tickets will go on sale August 15th 


Special Thanks to all who auditioned! If you did not make the cast, please consider working on one of the crews for the show!  The first rehearsal will be Monday, July 26th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  We will meet in the Theatre Classroom for the first rehearsal to get scripts, calendars, and do a read-through. Plan to rehearse the rest of that week from 5:30-8:00  (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). If you cannot attend or do not wish to accept your part, please email Mrs. Brown asap.

Cast Listing

** Some Additional Roles will be added from the cast below

Wayne Hopkins – Corydon Roots

Oliver Rivers – Bryce Axel Adams 

Narrator – Connor Sallee

Leanne/ Helga – Camille Spencer

Hannah/Professor McG- Lily Schaefer

Megan Jones – Sylvia Bobb

Cedric/ Voldy – Israel McCartney

Xavia Jones– Alayssia Franklin

Ernie Mac/ Uncle Dave/ Professor Turban and Locky/ Mr. Bagman – Bryce Henderson

J. Finch /Tall Man/ Seamus/ Potions Teacher/ Fat Friar/ Viktor – Dawson Perrel

Sally Perks/Rowena Puppet – Alana Manges 

Susie Bones / Sal Puppet– Isabelle Martin 

Harry/ Clumsy Longbottom/ Zack Smith/ Ric Gryff Puppet – Evan McKinney

Mr. Moody/ Mr. Nick – Joel Lyons

First Headmaster /Professor Lanny – Hailey Weiandt

Professor Sprouty / Frenchy / Bippy – Emma Hardin

Ginny/Rita Scooter – Paige Cesnik

Second Headmaster/Myrtle – Chloe Erdos

Blondo/ Hermeoone #1/ Ms. Babble – Berkley Lewis

Colin/ Hermeoone (#2) – Emilee Powless

Hermeoone (#3) /Ghost History Teacher – Laney Talbot

Goyle /Runes Teacher/ Goldstein – Kestin McClain

Death Buddies – Played by All 

** A few additional parts will be added  from the cast above

Artistic Director - Jacque Brown