Cast of Characters

Reverend Lionel Toop - Connor Jamison
Penelope Toop - Zoe Dwiggins
Miss Skillon - Marie Claire Sizemore
Lance Corporal Clive Winton - Jake Hardin
Ida - Bailey Miles
Bishop of Lax - Luke Robinson
Reverend Humphrey - Wesley Bounds
Intruder /Spy - Roger Gibson
Sergeant Towers - Kelton Lowe

Staff & Crew
Artistic/Technical Director - Jacque Brown
Stage Manager - Sarah Theohares
Asst. Stage Manager - Brielle Boynton
Lighting Design - Brady Alumbaugh
Light Board Operator - Sidney Shoaf
Sound - Jacob Porter, Chayse Immel
Props - Lacie Parvis, Maddie Barrett, Quinnie Huntzinger
Costumes - Kaylee Granger, Alaina Glover, Addi Rust, Chloe Kincade
Lobby Team - Erin Kaczmarek, Anna Bettner, Cloey Griffin
Graphics Design - Jim McGee
Sound Consultant - Joni Cowan

 SENIORS (Click to enlarge)