National Honor Society Induction ~ January 14
Sound – Addison Magers

Arabian Spectacular ~ January 26
Video Team ~ Leah Manges, Bayla French, Courtney Dawson

Madison County Jazz Festival ~ February 9
Light Board – Evelyn Garard
Spotlight –  Mackenzie Planeaux, Cloey Griffin

Footloose Production ~  April 5, 6, 7

Artistic and Technical Director- Jacque Brown
Orchestra/Musical Director- Jim McGee
Choreographer – Jodi Brown
Sound Advisor – Joni Cowan
Stage Manager – Quinlan Huntzinger
Asst. Stage Manager – Ashley Ritchie
Fly Rail Manager – Leah Manges
Light Board Operator – Carter Ray
Projection Operator – Cameron Kordes
Lighting Swing – Zoe Korbe
Spotlight Operators – Anna DeFouw, Mackenzie Planeaux
Sound Board Operator – Amelia Meiers
Sound Computer Operator – Addison Magers
Sound Board Book Monitor/Swing – Katie Heinz
Head Fly/Grip – Jared Mossoney
Stage Left Fly/Grip – Cohan Bowers, Garet Gaskill, Jace Longere, 
Clayton Rust, Gavin Schug
Stage Right Grip– William Davidson, Cannon McClain, Caleb Spires, Derek Sikorski
Props Crew – Anna Childers, Catherine Dudley, Elayna Sisson, Jillian Youtsey
Costume Crew – Sophie Fonacier, Katelyn Ferge, Delaney Bankston, Samara Renner
Hair & Makeup – Bria Grobey, Maddie Harmon, Marlo Fosco
Video Team – Aaron Merritt, Ashton Richardson, Sydney Case
Lobby Team – Jarrett Brooks, Kiersten Caudill, Grace McKinney

ISSMA Competition ~ April 13

8- Noon
Backstage Assistance – Cloey Griffin, Joel Gaar
Swing (Fills in on any position or job needed ) – Abby Jacobs, Ashley Ritchie
Noon- 5:00 p.m.
Backstage Assistance – Leah Manges, Evelyn Garard
Swing (Fills in on any position or job needed) – Quinnie Huntzinger, Bayla French

Thespy Awards ~ May 2nd
Lights – Cannon McClain
Sound – Clayton Rust
Set-up/Clean Up – Jarrett Brooks, Katelyn Ferge, Luke Robinson, Thespian Officers
Hospitality – Ella Dixon, Evelyn Garard, Leah Manges

Singsation (Choirs) ~ May 7-11
(Rehearsals 2:30- 5:30) (Performance Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m.)
Stage Manager – Quinnie Huntzinger
Asst. Stage Manager – Leah Manges
Fly Rail Manager – Jared Mossoney
Light Board Operator – Carter Ray, Zoe Korbe
Spotlight Operators – Abby Jacobs, Zach Sanford
Sound Board Operator – Amelia Meiers
Sound Computer Operator – Addison Magers
Fly/Grip – Cloey Griffin
Swing – Bayla French
Video Team – Aaron Merritt, Grace McKinnies, Mackenzie Planeaux
Usher Friday – Drake Grimes, Adell DeShong, Sean Roan ( Could use more)
Usher Saturday – Layla Jones, Gavin Schug, Wyatt Weaver, Sean Roan (Could use more)

Band Spring Concert ~ May 23
(One night event, no rehearsal)
Stage Manager – Ashley Ritchie
Fly Rail Manager – Evelyn Garard
Light Board Operator – Delaney Konopa
Spotlight Operators – Anna DeFouw, Delaney Bankston
Sound Board Operator – Brock Rose
Fly/Grip – Luke Robinson
Swing - Cloey Griffin