1st Semester Crew Positions
(Make sure to confirm your report dates and check with Mrs. B for Call Times.)

In Concert October 6th Only (Arrive 5:45-6:00)
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots
Asst. Stage Mgr. – Connor Sallee
Sound – Jackson Sutton
Lights – Parker Brown
Projection - Madison Mahoney
Spot – Alexis Cottrell & Isabelle Martin
Fly/Grip/Swing –  Shane Spurrier
Camera – Rayli Stearman

Fall Band Concert October 25 Only
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots
Asst. Stage Manager – Parker Brown
Lights – Isabelle Martin
Sound – Rayli Stearman 

Seven Brides November 11, 12, 13 ( See Report Dates)
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots 
Asst. Stage Mgr – Parker Brown 
Sound Board – Emily Hall 
Sound Computer - Isabelle Martin
Light Board Operator – Aiden Powers 
Projection Operator - Samantha Eytchison 
Cat Spot – Memphis McConnell 
Props – Virgil Duffer, Josie Lowe 
Fly Grip – Noah Butcher & Shane Spurrier 
Costumes & Makeup – Ava Schnepp, Mariana Evans, Kennedy Williams

Percussion Concert November 17 Only
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots
Fly Rail Manager - Samantha Eytchison
Lights – Parker Brown (Mentor)
Spotlight – Max Schaefer
Sound – Connor Sallee
Fly – Noah Butcher
Swing – Madison Mahoney

Beauty & Beast Jr. (PHMS production at PHHS) November 28 - December 3
(They will be using a majority of their students for Crew and we will be mentoring)
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots
Asst. Stage Manager - Madison Mahoney
Lights – Parker Brown (mentor)
Sound Board – Emily Hall
Projection – Connor Sallee (mentor)
Fly/Grip – Jackson Sutton, Noah Butcher
Props/Costumes– Isabelle Martin, Alexis Cottrell
Camera – Rayli Stearman, Sam Eytchison
Additional Crew will be announced as needed

Yuletide Celebration (December 5, 6,7)
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots

Lights – Parker Brown
Projection - Connor Sallee
Sound – Emily Hall
Sound Computer - Isabelle Martin
Fly – Shane Spurrier
Spot – Madison Mahoney, Cathryn Roberts
Camera – Jackson Sutton, Rayli Stearman

Band Christmas Concert (December 13)
Stage Manager – Maddie Roots
Fly Rail – Parker Brown
Lights – Isabelle Martin
Sound- Rayli Stearman
Spots - Max Schaefer 
Swing – Madison Mahoney