Stage Manager - Jacob Wilson
Asst. Stage Manager/Head Electrician - Cameron Huffman
Lighting /Student Assistant - Brookelynne George
Light Crew Assistance - Asia Mitchem
Spotlights - Cloey Griffin, Quinn Miles
Sound Board - Jacob Porter
Sound Computer - Amelia Meiers
Props - Lacey Parvis
Costumes - Kaylee Granger, Quinn Miles, Bayla French, Katelyn Ferge
Hair & Make-Up - Anna Bettner, Anabell Johnson, Larissa Partlow
Fy Rail/Grip - Logan Marshall, Chayse Immel
Percussion - Shawn Olson

Greg Warren Rental (October 16, 2017)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Fly Rail Manager- Logan Marshall
Sound - Elijah Bauer, Jacob Porter
LIghts - Cameron Huffman
Spots- Alex & Jake Hardin

In Concert (October 2, 3, 4, 2017)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Asst. Stage Mgr. - Quinlan Huntzinger
Fly Rail- Logan Marshall  
Fly Rail Headset -Cloey Griffin
Sound - Roger Gibson/Jacob Porter
LIghts - Mia Miers/Cameron Huffman
Spots- Evelyn Garard, Audrey Hosier
VIDEO TEAM- Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie, Elijah Gibson

Fall Band Concert (October 24, 2017)
Stage Manager- Cloey Griffin
Fly Rail Manager- Brookelynne George
Sound - Cameron Huffman
Lights - Delaney Konopa
Swing- Chloe Kincade

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (Show Dates, November 10, 11, 12, 2017)
Stage Manager- Jacob Wilson
Asst. Stage Manager- Quinlan Huntzinger
Student Assistant/ Fly Rail Manager- Chloe Kincade
Fly/Grip- Logan Marshall, Carter Ray, Dustin McCormack, William Davidson
Sound Board -Elijah Bauer
Sound Computer - Jacob Porter  
Light Board - Mia Meiers
Projection - Delaney Konopa
Lighting Design/Head Electrician- Cameron Huffman
Spots- Evelyn Garard/ Katelyn Surber
Costumes- Kaylee Granger, Anna Bettner, Sophie Fonacier, Katelyn Ferge
Props- Lacie Parvis, Leah Manges, Anna Childers
Hair/Makeup - Larissa Partlow, Madison Harmon
Lobby Team - Macie Collet, Sarah Slaven
 VIDEO TEAM- Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie, Elijah Gibson

East Elementary Drama Club  (November 29, 30)

Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Asst. Stage Manager- Jacob Wilson
Fly Rail Manager- Jacob Porter
Fly Rail- Logan Marshal, Carter Ray
Grip - Connor Jamison, Drew Wilson, Jake Hardin
Sound Computer- Mia Meiers 
Sound Board - Roger Gibson
Light Board- Parker Brown
Lighting Assistance - Delaney Konopa
Lighting Design/Head Electrician - Cameron Huffman  
Spots- Cloey Griffin, Audrey Hosier, Evelyn Garard
Backstage Assistance -  Lexy Alverson, Brookelynne George, Abby Davis, Leah Manges, Lilly Garard, Kaylee Granger
VIDEO TEAM- Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie 

Maple Ridge Elementary December 6, 2017
Stage Manager- Marion Case
Fly Rail Manager- Mariel Claxon
Sound - Chloe Kincade, Amelia Meiers
Lights - Delaney Konopa
Spots- Brookelynne George/Quinlan Huntzinger
Swings: Parker Smith, Logan Marshall

Maple Ridge Elementary December 7, 2017
Stage Manager- Alaina Glover
Asst. Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Lights - Logan Marshall, Delaney Konopa
Sound - Elijah Bauer
Light Design -Cameron Huffman
Spots- Parker Smith, Alex Hardin

Yuletide Celebration (December 11, 12, 13, 14, 2017)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Asst. Stage Mgr. - Leah Manges
Fly Rail- Logan Marshall, Carter Ray
Sound Board - Jacob Porter
Sound Computer -Mia Meiers  
Lights - Cameron Huffman
Spots- Audrey Hosier/Brookelynne George
VIDEO TEAM- (December 13 & 14 Only) Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie

Band Christmas Concert (December 19, 2017)
Stage Manager- Anna Bettner
Fly Rail Manager- Alex Hardin
Sound - Larissa Partlow
LIghts - Delaney Konopa
Spots- Quinlan Huntzinger, Gracie Smith

Choir Competition January 20, 2018 (ALL DAY)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Sound- Jacob Porter, Elijah Bauer
Lights- Cameron Huffman
Fly Rail Manager - Logan Marshall
Others as Needed T.B.A.

Spring Semester Sign Ups Begin End of January