Please let Mrs. Brown know if you cannot or will not accept your assignment ASAP. If you did not get a position, please resubmit an application for the spring as there will be more openings then. Many of these require some prior experience and with so many new people we did not have enough Novice spots for everyone.

Stage Manager - Jacob Wilson
Asst. Stage Manager/Head Electrician - Cameron Huffman
Lighting /Student Assistant - Brookelynne George
Light Crew Assistance - Asia Mitchem
Spotlights - Cloey Griffin, Quinn Miles
Sound Board - Jacob Porter
Sound Computer - Amelia Meiers
Props - Lacey Parvis
Costumes - Kaylee Granger, Quinn Miles, Bayla French, Katelyn Ferge
Hair & Make-Up - Anna Bettner, Annabel Johnson, Larissa Partlow
Fy Rail/Grip - Logan Marshall, Chayse Immel
Percussion - Shawn Olson

Greg Warren Rental (October 16, 2017)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Fly Rail Manager- Logan Marshall
Sound - Elijah Bauer, Jacob Porter
LIghts - Cameron Huffman
Spots- Alex & Jake Hardin

In Concert (October 2, 3, 4, 2017)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Asst. Stage Mgr. - Quinlan Huntzinger
Fly Rail- Logan Marshall  
Fly Rail Headset -Cloey Griffin
Sound - Roger Gibson/Jacob Porter
LIghts - Mia Miers/Cameron Huffman
Spots- Evelyn Garard, Audrey Hosier
VIDEO TEAM- Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie, Elijah Gibson

Fall Band Concert (October 24, 2017)
Stage Manager- Cloey Griffin
Fly Rail Manager- Brookelynne George
Sound - Cameron Huffman
Lights - Delaney Konopa
Spots- Luke Robinson, Genna Neeley
Swing- Chloe Kincade

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (Show Dates, November 10, 11, 12, 2017)
Stage Managers, Lighting, Costuming begin coming immediately to rehearsals
Props & Sound- October 16
Fly, Grip, Makeup Begin October 30
Lobby Team on Assigned Day 1½ before showtime. Lobby Team may attend Dress Rehearsal on November 9th to see the show
Stage Manager- Jacob Wilson
Asst. Stage Manager- Cameron Huffman
Student Assistant - Chloe Kincade
Fly Rail Manager- Quinlan Huntzinger
Fly Rail- Logan Marshall
Sound Board -Elijah Bauer
Sound Computer - Jacob Porter  
LIght Board - Mia Meiers
Lighting Design/Head Electrician- Cameron Huffman
Spots- Evelyn Garard/ Katelyn Surber
Costumes- Kaylee Granger, Michael Palmer, Anna Bettner, Sophie Fonacier, Katelyn Ferge
Props- Lacie Parvis, Leah Manges, Anna Childers
Hair/Makeup - Larissa Partlow, Madison Harmon, Lindsey Butler
Grip- Logan Marshall, William Davidson, Connor Jamison, Dustin McCormack
Lobby Team Friday, November 10th- Macie Collett, Zoe Korbe, Faith Bliss
Lobby Team Saturday, November 11th - Raegan Hauck, Kenya Jones, Sarah Slaven
Lobby Team Sunday, November 12- Adelynn Jessup, Grace Smith, Alexis Givens
VIDEO TEAM- Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie, Elijah Gibson

East Elementary Drama Club  (November 18, 20, 21 ~ November 27,28, 29, 30)
All Crew Must attend all rehearsals )
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Asst. Stage Manager- Jacob Wilson
Fly Rail Manager- Jacob Porter
Fly Rail- Logan Marshal,
Sound Computer- Mia Meiers 
Sound Board -Chayse Immel 
LIght Board- Parker Brown
Lighting Design/Head Electrician - Cameron Huffman  
Spots- Cloey Griffin, Audrey Hosier
Backstage - Jake Hardin, Alex Hardin, Alaina Glover, Connor Jamison, Lilly Garard, Kaylee Granger, Emily Harless, 
Asia Mitchem, Broderick Schipp
VIDEO TEAM- Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie Video Team November 27-30 only

Maple Ridge Elementary December 6, 2017
Stage Manager- Marion Case
Fly Rail Manager- Mariel Claxon
Sound - Jacob Porter/Jacob Wilson
LIghts - Chayse Immel
Spots- Brookelynne George/Quinlan Huntzinger

Maple Ridge Elementary December 7, 2017
Stage Manager- Alaina Glover
Asst. Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Fly Rail Manager- Lilly Ice
Sound - Elijah Bauer
Lights - Logan Marshall
Spots- Anna Bettner/Alex Hardin

Yuletide Celebration (December 11, 12, 13, 14, 2017)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Asst. Stage Mgr. - Leah Manges
Fly Rail- Logan Marshall, Dustin McCormack
Sound Board - Jacob Porter
Sound Computer -Mia Miers  
LIghts - Cameron Huffman
Spots- Audrey Hosier/Brookelynne George
VIDEO TEAM- (December 13 & 14 Only) Brennan Wrin, Ashley Ritchie

Band Christmas Concert (December 19, 2017)
Stage Manager- Anna Bettner
Fly Rail Manager- Alex Hardin
Sound - Larissa Partlow
LIghts - Delaney Konopa
Spots- Quinlan Huntzinger, Gracie Smith

Choir Competition January 20, 2018 (ALL DAY)
Stage Manager- Chloe Kincade
Sound- Jacob Porter, Elijah Bauer
Lights- Cameron Huffman
Fly Rail Manager - Logan Marshall
Others as Needed T.B.A.