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Auditions July 20
(Rehearsals Begin July 29 (After Choir Camp)

Performance September 4 & 5, 2024
This is NOT the same story as the motion picture coming out in August.

PLEASE READ: This is a play, so you need only come to the audition with one of the sides prepared to read since there is no singing. This is a departure from our usual genre for the fall play, but promises to be an opportunity for several students to participate and take a little scarier turn for the content. This is open to anyone who will be an enrolled onsite student at PHHS for the 24-25 school year. It is a quick turnaround so you should make sure you are able to commit to rehearsals beginning July 29 (Monday through Thursday) 5:30 - 7:30.  

TECH CREW: If you are interested in working backstage for the show, please send an email to and indicate your areas of interest. We will be needing (Stage Manager, Asst. Stage Manager, Fly Rail Manager, Light Board, Sound Board, Sound Computer, Projection, Props, Costumes, Camera Team. Once the crew has been selected they will be posted with the cast listing.

This is the story of an unusual event that happened. Every person in the audience of a play falls unconscious--all but one. Using interviews with witnesses,  first responders, and the investigators pursuing the case, a theatre ensemble brings the story of the strange event to life, documentary-style. But as the strands weave together into an increasingly dangerous web, it becomes clear that this phenomenon might not be entirely in the past. Unnerving, exhilarating, and wildly inventive, you've never walked into anything quite like Trap.


(Some cast members may play multiple roles)

(Main Parts)

HECHE (struggling detective)

ANGELA (lone survivor of the attack)

EPHRAIN SALAS (the fireman)

RICKENBOCH BAYNOR (a researcher who studies fear)

KENOSHA (the only person who can tell what the pharonochs are)

NORMA PIKE (the woman destroyed by the loss of her husband)

CANDELARIA ORTIZ ( philosopher brought in to understand the incident)

MARION JAY: (Pharonoch expert)

(Medium Parts)

ISSA FUENTE (“How bodies cool down”)

MELISSA TENGUE (evolutionary biologist)


TAMBLYN GREY (Should have been in the theater that night)

JONATHAN MOLLUSK (Scottish, wrongly accused man)

DONOVAN (Ephrain’s boss)

BRAND HILLOCK (Architect of the Oak Box)

SERGEANT BROCK (Heche’s boss)

CLIFTON (Kenosha’s buddy)

AVISHAY LENSER (forensic engineer)

DANALYNN MORSE (counselor at Kenosha’s school)

ENSEMBLE (Numerous speaking parts)

Select at least one of the scenes or monolouges above and you are welcome and encouraged to do more than that. You have 5 minutes so select what you think will show off your ability and emotion the best. We will have paper copies available at the check in desk. You must Prepare! While you may have the script in your hand during auditions, you should know the scene. Don’t read the material for the first time at auditions.   Per  the playwright, Stephen Gregg, All parts can be played in any combination and or gender.